Music Catalogue

Artist Genre Description
Zweng Alternative High Octane, male driven alternative rock HITS!!! Breaking Records, thanks Sherrie!
Zuzu's Petals Pop Rock Pure Pop Rock.
Zoho Music World Traditions A fabulous blend of world class music;Bonnie Bramlett to Rez Abbasi, roots, jazz, blues, the best!
Zen Blues Quartet Funky Blues Original Rock & Blues.
Zac Brown Band Country Atlantic Recording-Grammy Award Winning Country Star. Sync Licenses available here.
Yeveto Instrumental Rock Moody, indie instrumental tracks with cello and moog, driven by electric guitars.
Yaron Gershovsky Jazz Piano driven, versatile compositions, Musical Director of The Manhattan Transfer
Yale In Hollywood Soundtrack Multi Media Conference, Our Artist, Writers,&Composers, VARIOUS Genres
Wissam Murad World Traditions Palestinian Native, Arabic Original songs, Ud, Kanoun,Cello,bass, percussion,Biram Altunisi writings.
Wiser Time Modern Rock Guitar driven, male vox, American, Rock, Folk, solid and emotional songs.
Wise Girl Alternative solid girl rock box and ripping guitars, punk-pop.
Will Avery Childrens Sou, Groove, Jazz, Instrumentals and Family driven lyrics.
Wild Roses Americana From the Drop Kick Murphys and Rockin beyond!!! Americana, Country, Alt-Rock, Old fashioned rock n'roll.
Wes Walters Contemporary Rock Male vox, rock, full electric band, SESAC
Waydown Wailers Americana Thanks Woodstock Records, this is Americana, Classic Rock, Soulful Blues, a great mix of all!
Vicki Genfan Acoustic Rock World Class Guitarist, La Guitara.
Vermont Artists for VT Hurricane Re Singer-Songwriter Hurricane Relief Benefit CD to benefit VT through Red Cross, your use of these songs will aid Vermont!
Velella Velella Alternative Seattle based band, Funky, Blues, Alternative
Valeze Punk Rock Female Fronted Glam Rock Band.
Valerie Carter Pop Rock World class female vocals;James Taylor, Jackson Browne etc.
Urban Survival Traditional Jazz Combo Multi Jazz Instumental.
Unique Hip-Hop Male vox, rap, hip-hop-urban hits. FAME GAMES
Umbrella Brigade Techno German Techno, 80's Retro.
Ty Stephens Rhythm & Blues Burnt Sugar Singer-Songwriter and Broadway Performer.
TWISTERBAIT Progressive Rock A great blend of electronic pop and prog rock.
Twin Berlin Alternative Male driven vocals, hit songs, edgy alt rock. Leopard Studios
True Groove Records World Soundscapes Tomas Donocker, Marla Mase and team, original, perfomative, artist driven.
Trentalange Alternative Evocative female vocalist, think Dusty Springfield meets Annie Lenox in the new millenium.
Toshi Yanagi Progressive Rock LA based Japanese guitarist and featured musician on the Jimmy Kimmel show. All original rocking compositions.
Tori Sparks Country A female singer songwriter with a gem of a voice, great lyrics and Nashville band to back it. Like Jewel, Natalie Merchant.
Torbjorn Anderson Composer Swedish born lead guitarist, keyboardistwriter, singer,composer, Los Angeles based, sessions
Tom Dean Modern Folk Male driven vocals, melodic folk songs with full band
Tom Acousti Pop Crossover
Tim V. Smyth Singer-Songwriter Irish Singer Songwriter/producer, deep lyrics, melodic arrangements, more to come on the country front!
Tim Segreto Modern Rock Lush rock sounds, ambient vocals and lyrics, produced by Matthew Ellard, sounds like Cold Play,Radio Head
Three Quarter North Americana Catskill based country, bluegrass, male vox, traditional sounds
Thom Chacon Singer-Songwriter Deep vocals and lush lyrics, much like John Prine. Pie Studios.
This Is A Shakedown Punk Rock Male vox, high octane, metal-punk-rock-pop REVERSED IMAGE UNLIMITED
These United States Modern Rock Melodic songs, witty lyrics,garage folk, male vocals, W.A.R. Records
The Wiyos Modern Folk Vocals like Paul Simon, full band, strong songs, musicianship. Bandshell Artists.
The Wavos Classic Rock Male vox, electro 80s driven rock-pop-punk
The Telephones Alternative Uptempo indie rock hits with great male vocals and slamming live band grooves. Gimme That Sound.
The Superions Pop Crossover B52s Fred Schneider, Noah Brodie, Dan Marshall, pop Holiday fun! Thanks Art Farm!
The Square Egg Rhythm & Blues Ten piece soul band, funk grooves, great muscianship. FAME GAMES
The Sound awake Power Folk Indie Rock-Pop, male vox, harmonies, ambient Angry Mom records
The Samples Modern Rock Uplifting male vocals, world class musicianship, sounds like Sting, W.A.R. Artists
The Sad Little Stars Alternative Lo-fi band with a Wes Anderson edge
The Red Vines Alternative Male vocal, lo-fi and ambient, a true journey in alternative rock.
The Pluto Moons Alternative Fresh, uptempo, indie, alt rockin, techno, party, brooklyn, male vox
The Panderers Alternative male vox,commercial hot tunes, indie Brooklyn
The Levins Singer-Songwriter Harmony driven acoustic duo
The Krypton Monkeys Progressive Rock Tribute progressive rock 70s-80s-90s
The Grip Weeds Classic Rock From Gar Francis Producer, joining forces with Pat Dinizio/SMITHEREENS, Guitar Rock-Garage Rock.
The Greaseballs Swing/Big Band Swing,Rock-a-Billy, Surf, a retro uptemp collection of original and cover music
The Family Catalogue Hip-Hop Julian Bunetta and his team have the best pop-rock-hip-hop, fresh from LA.
The Dynamites Rhythm & Blues Soulful blues with lead vocalist Charlie Walker, R&B at its finest
The Donnie Ice Project Classic Rock Todd Rundgren meets Journey, The Turtles aster musician, Retro Hits.BMI
The Breakers Classic Rock High energy, full band, male box, rip rocking. Funzalo Records.
The Blue Dolphins Singer-Songwriter Female vox, acoustic guitar driven group
The Bloodsugars Alternative Indie, hip, retro R&B grooves, male vox
Terry Blaine Jazz Smooth pro vocals with an appeal to Big Band sensibilities.
Ted Wulfers Americana Male vox, full guitar driven band, Americana,country,rock,pop hit songs.
TADROS Pop Crossover Eric&Daniel Tedros take Montreal, Canada, the World by storm, Pop, dance, hip hop, holiday!
T.M. Stevens Rhythm & Blues Gold and Platinum records from The Pretenders to Billy Joel, Joe Cocker, and Miles Davis,an award winning Bassist and writer!
Sweetbryar Americana
Suzanne Vega Acoustic Rock Iconic singer, recognizable songs, masters are all clear here. Thanks Michael Hausman.
Suzanna Choffel Singer-Songwriter Smokey soul grooves and poetically smooth lyrics, a singer to Thanks Red Parlor and Nell!
Supernatural Modern Rock Dynamic German Duo. Melodic Hits
Suddyn Modern Rock Male vox, rip rocking hits, full band "Epic" Chad Smith RHCP
Stuart Mathis Alternative Male vox, rock crossover, Roger's Boat Productions with Jorgen Carlsson
Steven Cooper Hip-Hop Fresh new rapper, think Timberlake meets Eminem
Steve Petitt World Soundscapes A wonderful blend of music cues for film & TV, Pongamoosic/Fame Games
Steve Palmer Jazz A Solid Jazz instrumental catalogue!!!
Steve Mosto Contemporary Rock Male vox, Contemporary Rock Singer-Songwriter and producer.
Steve Mednick Singer-Songwriter Original songs, male vox, lush arrangements, country crossover
Steve Ferrone Funky Blues Solo Blues Project from Tom Petty's drummer.
Steve Chizmadia Folk Rock Male vox, Ballads, Country-Folk-Rock
Steve Booke Composer Lush various genre compositions, instrumentals, guitar featured. SESAC
Steeplechase Contemporary Rock Alternative rock band, male vox, great hit songs
Standells Contemporary Rock Best known for the hit "Dirty Water" aggressive garage singles, godfathers of Punk Rock.
Spurn Glam Rock Male vox, pure British Invasion vibe, Retro 80's Rock & Roll, Composer.
Spooky Ghost Instrumental Rock Ambient Guitar loops and Compositions from Bowie to Vega, Wainwright and Original scores.
Sparsh Shah Singer-Songwriter Amazing hit driven songs, golden vocals and production
Space Capone Rhythm & Blues Funk, Disco Soul, from Kings of Leon to Curtis Mayfield, Vintage 70s,Great Grooves, Max Abram's Music
Soundscape World Soundscapes World music catalogue, Latin, African, Jazz and more
Somobe Hip-Hop A vibrant brand of Hip-Hop with street smart cool lyrics.
Snap The Moon Modern Rock Canadian Songwriter male and female vocals, melodic.
Smash Palace Pop Rock Modern rock inspired by retro English vibes, soaring vocal harmonies coupled with melodic guitar riffs.
Sloan Wainwright Modern Folk Variety of Amercan Jazz, Folk, Pop, blues, a soulful hybrid. All Clear!
Siskin Pop Crossover Female duo vox, piano, guitar, a perfect pop rock blend. Thanks Big Hassle
SING SOS Contemporary Rock An amazing CD that benefits National Autism, Jackson Brown, Dar Williams, Mike Viola, Dan Bern,Kelly Flint, Mike Visceglia &more!
Sinad O'Connor Celtic New Age The Irish Diva and world class song writer, a chilling voice like no others.
Simon Kirke Classic Rock Bad Company&FREE drummer, original singer-songwriter guitarist.
Shunda k Hip-Hop Female rapper, hip hop, hits,Fanatic Records Artist
Shannon LaBrie Pop Crossover Thanks to I DO Music Net, this fresh new country-folk-pop crossover singer songwriter can be heard and licensed here!
Shane Henry Acoustic Rock Singer-songwriter-guitarist , also duet Maggie&Shane
Sensible Shoes and Friends Modern Rock Tim Utt's soulful rock band. Son of Kenny Utt, Oscar-winning producer of "Silence of the Lambs.
Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes Modern Folk Indie power folk
Sarah Kane Rhythm & Blues Phili native, female vox, soulful, R&B fabulous groove. Thanks Michael Maska!
Sarah Fimm Modern Folk Singer-Songwriter, fierce female vocals, ringer players from Earl Slick, Elaine Caswell, Sterling Campbell to Joy Askew.
Saphin Glam Rock Fierce male vocals,slamming rock songs with a deep British undertone
Sanjin Ajra
Sandy McKnight Classic Rock Hudson Valley Song Fest, hit writer for decades.
Sandy Cressman World Traditions Female Vox, gorgeous array of Brazilian songs and musicianship.
Ryan Montbleau Band Power Folk Male vocalist, think Martin Sexton, great stories, lyrics and strong musicianship, full band.
Rudy Pusateri Composer master composer, Italian, multi genre recordings and music for media.
Roy Music Alternative French and English- Indie, alternative rock artist. Excellent Production,uptempo, dance, fresh!
ROXINY International International-multi lingual-Female singer, songwriter, globally conscious songs
Roswell Rudd World Traditions Trombone great, the Best of Sound Scape's World Class Productions.
RoseAnn Fino Folk Rock Beautiful female vocals, singer songwriter with full band, thanks Prof Louis and Miss Marie, a real Woodstock Records sound!!
Roots Of Creation Reggae stong roots reggae blends with live band support and male lead vocals.
Roger Anthony Whiting
Robin Greenstein Acoustic Rock Acoustic guitar driven music, covers and originals
Robert Cray Band Funky Blues 5 Time Grammy Winner,Deep Blues, Soulful singer,song writer, and electrifying guitarist!
Robbie Dupree Contemporary Rock Melodic hit songs of the 80s, 90s and today. Famed male vocalist, known for "Steal Away"
Rob Lavery Instrumental Rock Beautiful compositions, full band, Instrumentals
Riff City Swing/Big Band Radio recordings from the 30s, 40s, 50,60s,70s, holiday, any day!!!
Richard McGraw Modern Rock A delightful blend of "Popula" covers and magical originals, male box, full band.
Red Wanting Blue Contemporary Rock Solid modern rock band, rich male lead vocals, FANATIC RECORDS
Rebecca Pidgeon Modern Folk Female singer songwriter, smooth vocals, acoustic guitar driven. Melodic songs. Thanks TMA!
Rebecca Coupe Franks World Jazz Trumpet driven traditional Jazz, great instrumental and vocal blends.
Reality Suite Pop Rock Indie Pop Rock Band from New Jersey
Raven Recording World Soundscapes World beat music without a world,made for dance without steps, for a tribe without boundaries.
Raquy and the Cavemen Middle East Percussive, Middleastern Compositions.female vox, mystical rhythms
Rahman Jamaal Hip-Hop Hip-Hop & Rap
Rachael Sage Folk Rock Folk Rock Singer-Songwriter. Hit ballads, full band.
Quinn Hedges Singer-Songwriter Strong male vox, guitarists singer song writer.
PURACANE Alternative female box, alternative,indie, hip!
Puga Hip-Hop Hip Hop , music producer, DJ, Engineer, originals
Pucker Glam Rock Fierce female rocking vocals with an 80's rock vibe.
Professor Louie and the Crowmatix Americana Woodstocck, New Orleans, Blues,Americana, "The Band", It is all here!!!!
Pongamoosic Composer A luscious blend of musical styles, original compositions, Film Music. FAME GAMES
Poi Dog Pondering World Soundscapes Acoustic folk rock with a huge global sound, male vocals, great energy.
Planet Of The Abts Modern Rock Dynamic Rock, featuring the Bass&Drums&horns from Gov Mule with ripping Swedish guitar licks!
Peter Roberts Pop Crossover Various hits and genres from Blue Danube Productions
Peter Kelly Singer-Songwriter Smooth lyrics, guitar driven songs, male vox. Modern Rock.
Peter Buffett Composer Lush instrumental arrangements and striking male vocals, piano driven, original, cinematic.
Perrotta Modern Folk ambient female vocals, melodic songs, strong Woodstock musicianship.
Pebaluna Alternative Soaring female vocals, multi-genre, heartfelt lyrics, full band.
Peace Pipe Gypsy Classic Rock Male lead Vox, powerful trio, guitar driven, think Black Crows and retro classic rock like Led Zeppelin!!
Paul Rogers Classic Rock from Bad Company to Queen, and now straight from Memphis, in benefit of Stax, The Royal Sessions!
Paul Myer Hopkins Composer Winner of the Hollywood Music Media Awrds best Composer, HF STUDIO
Patrick Fitzsimmons Singer-Songwriter Singer-Sonwriter, acoustic guitar driven,male vox. Blue Bird Promotions
Patrick Droney Contemporary Rock Ripping guitar riffs and song writing hits, male vox. Thanks TMA!
PARMA Music Composer A fresh selection of every genre thinkable from Parma Music; Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock, Classical, Composers
PARK DRIVE PRODUCTIONS Composer Instrumentals, songs, an extensive library of film& TV compositions
Paradise Sound Arts Instrumental Rock Stellar mix of Latin Grooves, Blue Grass, Rock, Emmy Award Winning Catalogue!
Orleans Classic Rock Classic hits of the 70s&80's Dance With Me, Still The One, a stream of hits.RIP Larry Hoppen 7/2012
Original Quigley Pop Crossover male vocals, fully produced songs, piano driven
Onel Mulet Composer Contemporary Latin and Classical Compositions
OK Go Pop Rock Famed Pop Rock Group, Male Vox, Publishing & Master Clear
Nina Violet Singer-Songwriter Smokey female chanseur, acoustic guitar driven. Perfect melodies, stories, ballads.
Nicolette Aubourg Singer-Songwriter Female vocals, acoustic driven guitar, production Jorgen Carlsson- Rogers Boat Studio Lake Balboa CA
Nicole Fahs Singer-Songwriter Female singer songwriter, soulful lyrics and vocals blended with 60s classic rock.Steve Butler producer.
Niall Connolly Power Folk Male vox, full band, indie, alt, rock
Neil Alexander Jazz Fusion Melodic, Instrumental, Jazz Fusion masterpieces.
NCM Punk Rock Powerful punk, rock, hits, slamming
Naughty Nation Hip-Hop Grammy Award winning Hip Hop Hits, Give me the OPP, Yeah!!! Old School Style.
Nat Lopez Rhythm & Blues From Off Broadway to Cirque de Soleil to MSG, female R&B, Pop singer.
Nanny Assis World Traditions Brazilian Singer, Guitarists, Song Writer
My6 Sons Creations Hip-Hop
My Pet Dragon Contemporary Rock Rich male vocals, sounds like Bono meets Radiohead, a middle east rock vibe mixed with ambient grooves.
Mother Truckers Country female vox, country band, traditional hits, Funzalo Records
Monroe Acoustic Rock London based, American loved, songwriting Duo, melodic hits!
Moksha Jam-Band Rush meets Pink Floyd, Vegas based, powerful musicianship, Rock, Jam, Lush!
Modern Nature Pop Rock Male vocals, retro vibe, think Beach Boys meets the 21st century. Original, fresh and all clear!
Mint Modern Rock Funzalo Records
Mini Diaz Contemporary Rock female vocalist, singer/songwriter
Mike Viola Pop Rock Film veteran, male vocals, pure melodic hits!
Mieka Pauley Singer-Songwriter Soulful Female Vocals with driving guitar and band. Sounds like Eva Cassidy meets Billie Holiday.
Middle Distance Runner Alternative Male vox, think Jack White, Beck, DC Based, hip band, Thanks Engine Room
Michael Monagan Singer-Songwriter Male vocals, various song styles from reggae and folk to rock and R&B.
Mechanical Bull Country Mixed female and male vocals, edgy country rock, with slick musicianship, Woodstock Music Works.
MC Bravado Hip-Hop A creative emce/educator, hip-hop and original music, live performances.
Maya Solovey Singer-Songwriter Lush female vocals over world beats and hit driven songs
Max Abrams Jazz Fusion Pure Sax with a jazz flair.
Matt Springfield Pop Crossover EDM, Dance, New Wave, Pop, a great selection of original songs.
Mat Creedon Pop Crossover Australian multi instrumentalist, composer, "Strange Pop" very interesting!
Marushka Pop Crossover World class vocals, songs, acoustic and electronic. Thank you Fatou Sow
Mark Rivera Classic Rock male vocals, driving rock, sax leads, ALL CLEAR!
Mark Hermann Classic Rock Rock Producer-Writer , Guitar Driven hit, licenses from Showtime to MTV and beyond.
Mark Bodino
Margaret Valentine Pop Crossover Female Vox, hit country-pop cross over
Marco Benevento Instrumental Rock Jazz rooted keyboardist who transcends genres through rock, jan, post-rock compositions.
Marcella Precise Rhythm & Blues Commercial Hit Songs, Urban, Partners with Lady& A Tramp-Naughty by Nature
Marc Black Modern Folk male vocals, deep lyrics and jazz driven songs and lush instrumentals
Marc Berger Americana Western, Americana, guitars, acordion,mandolin,harmonica, male vox
Mame N'Diaye Rhythm & Blues R&B mixed with world beats from Africa to Ireland,electronioca
Mamalama Power Folk Harps, cello, dulcimer, melodic and mystical female vox.
Mallets Bay Music Americana Americana AAA&Folk the finest Northern Vermont has to offer!
Magnus Hyden Soundscapes Swedish hit songs with various vocalist, lush instrumental compositions, perfect film score
Maggie McClure Singer-Songwriter Singer Songwriter, also under Maggie and Shane.
Maddy Ruff Singer-Songwriter female vox, full bodies, great gooves
Madam Trashy Alternative Band driven, melodic songs, ballads to rocking hits.
MacTilla Beats Hip-Hop Hip Hop, Trap, RnB, Pop, the best of MacTilla Beats
Machan Crooners/Vocals World Class Vocalist,Graceland meets Brazil 66.
Maceo Parker Funky Blues Killer Horn Player, Sax driven funk with great male vocals. W.A.R. Artist
Lunic Alternative All girl Indie band,electric violin,drums,guitar, striking ethereal female vox, original and edgy songs.
Lorenzo Johnson Smooth Jazz Fresh instrumental Jazz, original compositions, smooth!
Looking At Joe Pop Rock Madrid based band, male&female box, original melodic tunes!
Live Vinyl Pop Crossover Catchy Dance, Rock, Latin and Pop Songs.
Little Days Modern Rock Cinematic, original, retro rock vibe, lead female vox, Gov't Mule bassist Jorgen Carlsson&Mini!
Lisa DeRosia & Lush Budgett Country Contemporary country female vocals with impressive pedal steel guitar, solid songwriting
Lipbone Redding Electric Blues Human voice-trombone lips,songwriter, guitarist, entertainer. Bepop Records
Liam Edward Golder Composer Original hits, quick turn around on requests.
Lez Zeppelin Classic Rock Jimmy Page endorsed, international touring all girls band!
Lewis Clark Contemporary Rock Singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, multi instrumentalist think Jeff Buckley meets Leonard Cohen
Leo Pop Rock male vocals, pop rock songs with a retro feel, strong lyrics and hits.
Leah Randazzo Rhythm & Blues Smooth Female vocals surrounding funk,jam,jazz
Lauren Kinhan Jazz Vocals SESAC Jazz Award recipient and core member of New York Voices.
Laura Sullivan Composer A melodic voice, beautiful piano performances, new age, a solid musical soul!
Larry Warren Modern Folk Adult Contemporary, Modern folk, original, uplifiting love songs, guitar drive,male vox, like British pop.
Larry Stevens Pop Rock Male Vox, pop rock, Nashville chops, Disney friendly hit songs and performances. SESAC
Lara Hope Music Swing/Big Band Female Vox, rock-a-billy, swinging tunes, original!
LaFayette Harris Jr Jazz Jazz with an R&B Crossover, world class pianist and original songwriter/vocalist
Lachi Singer-Songwriter Think Tracy Chapman, melodic songs and solid lyrics. Fanatic Record's Artist
Labrador Records Pop Rock Swedish Catalogue, various bands and artists, hit driven pop rock
Kurt Henry Contemporary Rock Male driven rock to pop, guitar grooves.
KP Devlin Singer-Songwriter Male vox, very Dylan like with a range of folk, rock, country and celtic tunes.
KJ Denhert Modern Folk Female Vox Urban Folk Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist. Originals to Classic standards!
Kiravell Music World Jazz World Jazz inspirational with a melodic blend of female vocals.
Kinky Creature Alternative Indie danceable,.
Kingsley Gardner Hip-Hop Various #1 hits in the Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop arenas. KGMT/Breaking Records Music Producer-Artists
Killer Songs Pop Crossover A vast array of commercial singles and timeless hits. FAME GAMES
Khromozomes Dance Beats, hip hop, club, abiant, female box
Kevin Richardson Composer classical piano, deft arrangements, commercially driven songs.
Kevin Ahart Crooners/Vocals Male vocals, pure gold,Big Band, clasic American Song Book Hits of the 21st Century.
Kelly Jones Pop Rock Female Vox, pop rock, retro 80s feel, contemporary production,thanks Mike Viola
Kelly Flint Modern Folk smooth female vocalist,Dave's True Story, perfect lyrics and amazing musicianship
Keith Pulvermacher Contemporary Rock lead guitarist, singer, song writer, rocker and humanitarian!
Keith Paine Singer-Songwriter Post modern Blues Pop, male box
Kay Lyra World Jazz Female Jazz Singer,Bossa Nova, Brazilian-Portuguese&English traditional and original songs
Kat Parsons Pop Crossover female singer songwriter, light hearted- .
Karen Bishko Pop Crossover Light hearted songsmith UK/NYC. female subject matter, female vox, full orchestral production.
KaRaven Dance Electronica, Dance, Groove
Kanga System Krush World Traditions West African traditional music.
Joni Klein-Higger Pop Rock 80s pop rock writer, Sandy McKnight co-writer, uptempo, fun.
Johnny Elkins Pop Crossover Vast Catalogue from Jazz to Pop, hit songs, multi genres, stellar production!
John Sebastian Americana From the Lovin' Spoonful to Welcome Back, this songsmith has been churning hits for more than 4 decades!!!
John March Funky Blues Guitarist, Producer, Protools wizard, and Mixer.
John Herald Country Pure male vocals, guitar driven blue grass meets the wit of Bob Dylan
John Collins/JohnnyX Dance Producer-driven highly commercial, Techno and Dance tracks
Joe Kuhl Contemporary Rock 60s style rock, male vox, instumentals,rockin and original.
Joe Jackson Modern Rock The Beautiful and Iconic Voice, timeless hits and storytelling ballads, this is the one and only Joe Jackson
Joe Bace Modern Rock male driven vocals from CBGBs and beyon,
Jimmy Mitch Bentley Americana Guitar Driven, instrumental and songs.
Jimmy Goodman Composer Leopard Studios, original contemporary Compositions, Neo classical, vibraphone, composer.
Jim Weider Instrumental Rock Rock and Blues Based Signature Guitarist from The Band's Remedy to stellar solo instrumental originals!
Jim Saxa Acoustic Rock Mike Cetrango, Lionel Cordew, Lou and Jin Saxa
Jim Hoke Smooth Jazz Sax driven, Jazz to Bop, Max Abrams finds a Nashville Great
Jill Stevenson Pop Rock Pop, Rock Singer-Songwriter.
Jenny Bruce Folk Rock Female Singer-Songwriter. Strong lyricist and arranger.
Jennings Pop Crossover female box, emotional, powerful lyrics, piano drive, full band.
Jennifer Clarke Pop Crossover Female vocalist, driving contemporary rock ballads
Jeneen Terrana Alternative KT Tunstall meets Feist pop, rock and folk with a feminine vulnerability
Jen Chapin Singer-Songwriter Urban Folk,Jazz, Blues, Rock, Jen mixes it up with stellar production and soulful lyrics.WHY Hunger.
Jeffrey Todd Music Alternative A great array of indie pop music, interesting arrangements with full band, piano powered, melodic
Jeffrey Stanford Cameron Singer-Songwriter Male vocals, original contemporary songs mixed with classics, jazz standards, bari tenor opera
Jeffrey Gaines Modern Rock Soulful, Folkie, powerful male vocals coupled with strong songs and perfect production
Jeff Young World Traditions LA based Writer/Producer/Singer and Guitarist. Full blown rock hits.
Jeff Eyrich Americana Spagehetti Western meets Mariachi, core Americana influences.
Jeff Blum Singer-Songwriter rock guitarist, singer-songwriter, male vox
Jean Paul Samputu World Traditions Traditional African Male Vocalist, soukous, rhumbato,Afrobeat, and gospel. 6 lnaguages
Jazzlyn Little Pop Crossover POP-R&B Hits, X Factor Finalist!!
Jazz Hop Revolution Hip-Hop Hip-Hop & Jazz hybrid with spiritually driven Rap lyrics
Jay Wright Electric Blues Soulful Blues, Male Vox, Smooth Hits, Full Band!
Jason Crigler Audio branding, original composition for film, TV, corporate.
James Angell Modern Rock Piano driven, swirling ambience, every beat of his male vocals are amazing! Thanks IDoMusic.
Jaik Miller Band Singer-Songwriter Soulful, Americana, rock, male vocals, melodic hits, Jerry Garcia tribute.
Jacques Pellarin World Traditions World class French catalogue of instrumental compositions, Accordion driven, colorful, original,Jazz
Jac&Co World Traditions Female vocalist with Accordion, beautiful, traditional
J.J.Crowne Singer-Songwriter Retro smooth rock
Ivan Rubenstein Gillis Folk Rock Singer/Songwriter, Rock, Folk & World driven
Ionia Contemporary Rock
Ingrid Sertso Jazz Vocals Female vocalist, poet, a jazz improvisational dream. Creative Music Studio Woodstock
Imani Coppola Pop Crossover Pop meets Hip-Hop, hit singles, sassy lyrics, female vox.
Igor Tkachenko Composer Contemporary classical instrumental music
Ian McGlynn Singer-Songwriter Piano,& ballad driven, nostalgic, new wavey, male vox.
Human Beinz Classic Rock The Departed, The Office, major film& TV placements of this retro rock cover band!
Hudson K Pop Crossover female vox, sophisticated compositions, whimsical instrumentation, piano driven.
Hollands Alternative Indie, Brooklyn,Ithaca College of Music, Fab!
High Kings of Blue Electric Blues Blues Male vocals, full band guitar driven
Herminia Carlsson Acoustic Rock Female Vox, Singer Songwriter, composer, pop, rock, alternative.
Head Chemist Pop Crossover Lush, Orchestral Rock.
Hannah VS The Many Alternative
Handsome Harry Soundtrack Soundtrack Sweeping Jazz Soundtrack for the Film of the same title, WORLDWIDE ENTERTAINMENT
Hampton String Quartet Instrumental Rock String arrangements of every rock hit song imaginable; The Stones, Santana, Led Zeppelin, Beatles...
Haley Bonar Singer-Songwriter Indie Folk, Alternative and innovative production, ambient female vox.
Gregory Douglass Singer-Songwriter Male Vox, guitar driven, singer songwriter, BLUE BIRD PROMOTIONS
Gregg Bendian Jazz Fusion Mahavishnu Project, drum driven, world class, jazz fusion, percussionist,drummer,composser
Greg Puga Hip-Hop Hip Hop , music producer, DJ, Engineer, originals
Greg Lato Pop Rock male vox, pop rockband, light hearted
Gordon Pogoda Pop Crossover LA based composer and songwriter or contemporary commercial& Pop hits.
Goodbye To Pretty Modern Rock Americana-Southern Rock Tinge, melodic hooks, Male Vox, HMA Finalists
Gokh-Bi System World Traditions A harmonic blend of urban production mixed with world beats, "Ancient Meets Urban"
Glide&Swerve Soundscapes Erotic Electronica,nu disco,diverse and catchy, instrumental
Gina Catalino Singer-Songwriter
Gimme That Sound Contemporary Rock 80s, 90s, today,Decades of hits, the best music from Stephen George, Grammy Engineer/Producer
Gimme Danger Classic Rock High energy band,male vocals, Black Crows meets Iggy Pop.
GiGi Pop Rock Pop rock, singer-songwriter, female vox, thanks Bongo Records!
Genya Ravan Progressive Rock Original all girl band rocker, from Columbia Records to CBGB's, Genya is here!
Gavin Bellour Alternative Male Vox, great production, alternative rock with mid tempo ballads, guitar driven
Garth MacAleavey Singer-Songwriter Composer, original songs, scores, full band.
Gar Francis Classic Rock 60s, 70s, Guitar driven, male vox, Juke Joint, Garage Rock, Americana, Rollin hits!
Gallo Hip-Hop Rapper behind the NBA Sound Up, Hip Hop, Original.
Gabrielle Aimee Crooners/Vocals Female crooner,singer/song writer, woks with many artists including Robbie Dupree!
Funky Little Sweet Thing... Americana Americana, New Standards...The 21st Century American Song Book,female vox, trombone, organ. box,trombone,organ,band
Fred Mollin Contemporary Rock Composer and major label producer 80s, 90s, today.Max Abram's Music.
Florus Alternative European producer, musician
Five Points Band Americana Female& male vox, Woodstock originals, gritty moonshine tunes
Felicia Alima Hip-Hop Female Vox, Hip-Hop Hits, Aussie-Indonesian-Czech, Winner of Urban artist of the Year at MAMA!
FAIRHAVEN Soundtrack Alternative Tom O'Brien's Film embraces the best in alternative rock. Many WACBIZ artist are featured!
Faine Jade Classic Rock Psychedelic 60s Band, groovy, male vocales, MGMGT single 2013!!!
Eric Tollefson Singer-Songwriter Male singer songwriter, great lyrics, acoustic guitars, thanks Gabe and In The Pocket Artists!
Eric Margan & The Red Lions Instrumental Rock Male vox, symphonic strings, cinematic, like Andrew Bird, DeSisto Music
Entropik Composer UK Based composers, cello and voice driven,world class
Emily Zuzik Pop Rock Female vocalist with a pure pop Beatlesque drive, strings and live instrumentation.
Elza Americana Female Americana,pop-rock Artist-Writer, TV&Film commercial hits.
elon-elon Singer-Songwriter Intimate, powerful, soulful songs from this serious male vocalist, songwriter. Thanks Johnny Elkins for the intro!
Electron Love Theory Composer Composed music for Film, TV all Media
Ed Gerhard Smooth Jazz Grammy Winning Guitarist Extrodinare, Finger Style, Americana, writing "songs only a guitar can sing"
Earl Slick Contemporary Rock Fierce Rock Guitar Legend, Bowie, etc.
Duncan Sheik Modern Rock Inspired singer-songwriter, instrumentalist. Tony Award winner "Spring Awakening"
Duane Carleton Country Male vox, fresh country hits from Higher Road Records and Blue Bird Promotions VT
Dropkick Murphys Punk Rock High energy hits with an Irish, punk rock, raucous, sing along, goodtime flare!
dropa Alternative Male vox, an electronic driven world of punk, rock, club like hypnotic songs, ambient, dreamy.
Dreadnaught Progressive Rock PARMA Band, PROG ROCK, think King Crimson!!
Doughty Singer-Songwriter American Singer songwriter
Donna Lewis Pop Rock UK Female Pop Star, recognizable hits, "I Love You Always Foever," ambient beats.
Dog On Fleas Childrens Children's folk,fiddle,country music with male vocals, Americana
DMC Hip-Hop Multi platinum Hip Hop Legend and Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductee of famed RUN DMC
DJ Todd Terry Hip-Hop Famous producer of Hip-Hop, Disco & House
Demolition String Band Country Ripping Alternative Country tunes with the female lead vocals of Elena Skye;Breaking Records Music
Delaney Gibson Pop Rock
Deeva Celtic New Age Irish female singer/songwriter, empowering lyrics, emotional ballads, pop-rock-crossover.
Deena Country Smooth female vocals, easy flowing melodies, pop blues country blends. the Cucumbers
Dee Carstensen Pop Crossover Contemporary Harp Driven Songs, pure pop vocals.
Debra Devi Classic Rock Sheryl Crow meets Govt Mule in this guitar-driven blend of triple-A, Americana, and classic rock.
Debbie Miller Singer-Songwriter Quirky, sweet, cinematic, unique, innovative singer songwriter with full orchestral production. Thanks SPONY.
Dean Wagg Composer Network and Film success, a complete multi genre catalogue of fine compositions!
Dean Batstone Singer-Songwriter Inspired lyrics, hit melodies, stellar musicians join Dean, Earl Slick, Jim Weider, to name a few-Woodstock Vibe!!!
DB Leonard Singer-Songwriter Male vocals, smooth melodic tunes with a soulful, ambient vibe, guitar.
Days Ahead Pop Crossover Female vocals, guitar driven soulful rock combination, Atlanta based
Davis and Deleault Jazz Piano and Sax, beautiful instrumental ensemble, smooth covers. Friends from CMS!
David Ricketts Modern Rock Hit song smith, beautiful pop rock songs, solid lyrics. David&David, Sheryl Crow etc. Bandshell Artists.
David Marks Singer-Songwriter male vox, great pop sensibilities and solid songs!
David Malachowski Classic Rock Classic Rock, Guitar Driven, Male vox, Woodstock All Stars!
David Kraai Singer-Songwriter Americana, Country, Rock, a fresh blend of melodic songs with Female&Male Vox, guitar driven.
David Bromberg Americana Traditional Americana-Folk Hits, smooth acoustic guitar, ballads, stories, COVERS, HITS. Band Shell Artist
Dave's True Story Swing/Big Band Traditional swing with female vocals.
Dave Widow Contemporary Rock Guitar driven blend of soulful blues meets rock. Male vox.
Daryl Kojak Soundscapes Piano A piano driven composer and multi genre instrumentalist
Danny Aiello Crooners/Vocals Movie favorite croons the standards including a Holiday CD dedicated to his son Danny lll.
Danielle Gasparro Jazz Smooth and foggy female jazz vocals with emotionally rich lyrics, like Cassandra Wilson
Da Enforcerz Hip-Hop Hit driven, male vox, Fame Game Winners!
D Henry Fenton Singer-Songwriter Male-Female Vox, Guitar driven, pop, rock, trditional
Crazy Mary Classic Rock Female&male vox, think CBGBS, NY, Ramones, B52s, authentic alt rock.
Craig Graham Composer Guitar, original compositions
Cousin Modern Rock Harmonic male vocals, Style Council vibe.
Costanza Pop Crossover Female trip-hop producer, singer-songwriter, think Bjork, Tricky collaborator, Italian
Cory Wong Jam-Band VULFPECK member, guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer
Collin Rocker Americana Young male singer songwriter with classic rock sensibilities and fine tuned guitar skills.
Cole Armocida Modern Rock Songs highlighted by powerful vocals and strong melodies with classic/southern/blues rock influences.
Clint Crisher Dance Male Vox, Dance Cross Over, Radio Friendly Hits, FAME GAMES
Cleaver Studios Soundtrack Original compositions including featured band June cleaver and the Steak Knives
Clara Bellar World Traditions French singer, traditional, classic, ambient and smooth.
Citizens Of Contrary Knowledge Contemporary Rock Male vox, rich production, guitar driven, strong musicianship, think Eagles, Prince, Aerosmith
Chuck Mosley and VUA Contemporary Rock Male Vox, hard rock, metal, ripping hits, Korn, Linkin Park, REVERSED IMAGE UNLIMITED
Chuck Coleman Pop Rock Pop, piano driven, like Ben Folds meets Bily Joel, ballads, stories, melodic!
Chuck Brodsky Acoustic Rock Baseball- MLB tunes, singer songwriter, guitarist, story teller
Christopher Bono Composer Chamber music to guitar driven rock, original compositions, cinematic.
Christen Marucci Singer-Songwriter Female Singer songwriter, pop rock hits, ONE MIND MUSIC ARTIST
Chris Wells Music Soundscapes Brand New Sound Design! English composer.
Chris Thomas Composer Original Scores for Documentaries, TV&Film.
Chogyi Lama Rhythm & Blues Guitar driven, neo-soul vocals, originals, Woodstock own!
Charm School Classic Rock High energy,female vox, 70s-80s vibe rock
Charlie DeChant Band Jazz Tenor Sax, Hall& Oats Fame, Jazz, Funk, wonderful originals. Thanks Larry Hoppen!
Charlelie Couture Electric Blues French visual and recording artist!
Chandler Travis Classic Rock A Cape Code tradition, hit writing genius for over 4 decades, think NRBQ and your favorites from the 80s.
Chaka Khan Crooners/Vocals One of the finest, soul filled vocalist ever. Breaking Records Presents her classics with the London Symphony
Ceili Rain Pop Rock male vox, lush harmonies, irish driven pop rock,melodic and spiritual
Catch 22 Composer A broad selection of various genres of great music.
Cassandra Kubinski Pop Rock Piano-centric pop, female vox, powerful #1MillionHearts Movement, Autism Speaks.
Carl Scogland Baton Rouge singer songwriter, think Jason Mraz, pure pop hits!
Captain Cryptic Alternative Aaron English and Jeff Leisawitz Pop/Rock songs and instrumental songs.
Brutus Faust Contemporary Rock Art Rock at it's finest Andres Serrano with Blow Up Hollywood, rockin covers and originals,edgy.
Brooke Moriber Pop Rock Female vocals, modern pop rock, hit songs.
Brisa Roch Alternative French Artist, Rocking Female Vocals and original tunes.
Brian Lopez Singer-Songwriter A melodic blen of smooth ballads, strings, English/Spanish tunes. FUNZALO RECORDS
Brett Lucas Contemporary Rock Instrumental Rocking Hits, Bettye LaVette's Band, Detroit Based
Breaking Records Modern Rock Various female driven stars;Sandra Bernhart,Chaka Kahn,Lourdes,Demolition String Band and others!
Branice McKenzie World Jazz Female Jazz-Inspirational-Pop-Children's music.Original songs,Educational, pure gold vocals.
Brandon Lurie Composer singer, songwriter, musician
Boyd USA Alternative acoustic pop, rock singer songwriter, light, melodic
Boenel Productions Composer Original compositions, world class arrangements, open cues here!
Bodhi Alternative Male Vox, Portland bass indie band, retro vibe,alternative rock.
Bobby Cole Composer Edgy, thrilling, cinematic, dramatic, any cues or scores you can imagine to creatively spark your project!
Bob Parins Alternative Male vox, alt rock, Flamenco to T-Rex
Bob Crawford Jazz Fusion Latin, Funk, Jazz,Jam, San Francisco Key Boardist and writer.
Blues Jumpers Swing/Big Band Traditional Swing at it's best, Georgia's own Gregord Hayward on lead vocals.
Blow Up Hollywood Composer Driven by Steve Messina, the band ranges from edgy alternative rock, to sonic strings and sweeping scores.
Blessing Offor Singer-Songwriter Pianist,saxaohonist, soulful R&B-Pop singer songwriter.
Black 47 Celtic New Age Traditional Celtic rock, punk, lead male vocals, iconic band!
BJ Sam Hip-Hop International Recording Artist who sings in French& English
BigShoe Singer-Songwriter male vox, singer/songwriters, composers
BEPOP Records World Soundscapes Smooth swing, retro classic, French Bistro,an amazing and lush selection of A+ productions from Jeff Eurlich.
Ben Allison Composer Composer/Bassist Jazz original!
Belikos Hip-Hop Original genre traditional rock with urban blends of Rap& Hiphop
Bela Fleck Composer 16 Grammys, across Jazz, Classical, Americana, world's most talented Banjoist and Composer!
Bearin Peace Reggae Soulful male vocalist, solid musicianship with roots-rock reggae vibes. Wilde West Productions
Bari Koral Modern Rock Lucinda Williams meets Norah Jones, beautiful vocals.
Bar Scott Folk Rock Female vocalist, piano and guitar wrapped with soulful lyrics and beautiful melodies.
BAILEN Pop Crossover Dynamic duo vocals, hit songs,Firebrand rock, pop, retro, produced with Joe Marden.
Autodrone Punk Rock Female vocals with hook line guitar.
Atom Smash Alternative Male driven rock hits, ripping guitars, MTV, The Working Group & Dog House Records
Asher Belsky Progressive Rock Gibson G3-Homestead Amps-Ernie Ball- Lead Guitarist, writer, singer.
Ash Hancock Singer-Songwriter Honest and mature lyrics and skilled musicianship.
Artie Traum Jazz World class guitar driven tunes, melodic male vocals, a consumate Woodstock musician.
Arlon Bennett Country smooth male vocals, ballads, stories and country cross over hits.
Ari Hest Acoustic guitar driven songsmith and lyric master.
Arhynn Descy Modern Rock UK Composer, Instrumental, Cinematic, Rockin.
Arahm Lee Composer Contemporary TV&Film Hits, scores, songs
Aqua Velvet Mood Music Lounge, hip, smooth, instrumental, vacation, Jim Hoke's bad, thanks Max Abrams, Nashville's finest!
Anton Fig World Traditions Drum driven, a stellar blend of world class performances; Blondie Chaplain, Ritchie Havens, Ivan Neville, Randy Brecker, and more!
Antigone Rising Power Folk Female vocals, alt-country boot stomping hit!
Annie Dinerman Modern Folk Female Vox,singer-songwriter, folk driven,ASCAP
Anna Rae Pop Crossover Multi instrumentalist from Boston, melodic soaring vocals combined with bass guitar.
Angus Martin World Soundscapes French male vocalist with traditional sounds, accordians, wordly vibes
Angel Band Americana Harmonic Female vocals, angelic, Blue grass, Country, Folk, Traditonal Americana.
Andy Scott Jazz Vocals Male vocals, smooth jazz hits, Goat is really shining on this CD
Andrew York Classical Grammy winning, innovative classical guitar, world class originals.
Andrew Morrison Acoustic Rock male vox, acoustic driven band, melodic songs.
Andrew Jude Modern Folk Folk Rock Band, whimsical songs, fun lyrics!
Andrew Clarke Composer Australian Composer-A broad range of genres and compositions ALL CLEAR
Andrea Carlson Singer-Songwriter Madeline Peyroux meets Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, original songs,retro feel, stellar perfomances.Thanks SPONY!
Amber Songs Pop Crossover David Cerullo composer/ASCAP
Amber deLaurentis Power Folk Solid female vox, piano driven band, lush recording, ballads. Bluebird Promotions.
Amber Alert Hip-Hop Fierce Female Hip Hop, West Coast Style
Amanda Lee Falkenberg Composer Winner of the Hollywood Music Media Awards for Best Composer. HF Studios
All The Real Girls Americana lead singer Donovan, ecclectic rock mix 60s,70's to 90's, American Traditional.
All In Blind Modern Folk Male Vocals, Catchy Guitar Hook, Alternative Rock Band.
Aliza Hava Power Folk Spiritual, soulful, powerful lyrics, female vocals, guitar driven.
Alicia Angel Rhythm & Blues Female R&B hits Pop crossover, soulful, romantic, think Mariah Carey
Alfio Crooners/Vocals Male vox, think Sinatra, Dean Martin or Bouble, classic and smooth. Italian & English
Alex&Sam Pop Crossover Mellow Idie Jazz, classy duo, guitar and string driven, familiar, Beatlesque
Alex Schein Hip-Hop Spiritual Hip Hop, Urban Grooves,
Al Somma Crooners/Vocals Smooth Male Vox, Classic Standards with originals and covers.Jazz. Bepop Records/Bennett Studios
Against Grace Alternative Male vox, Alt Rock, Pop, heart-felt lyrics.
Adventure Set Glam Rock Fresh 2011 release, yet an 80s glam sound, Stephen George Grammy Producer. Techno.
Adam Falcon Singer-Songwriter Live sound, old school feel, R&B to Pop, Male vox.
Adahmo Contemporary Rock Smooth soulful rock-blue,guitar driven, male vox, thanks Fame Games!
Acoustic Eidolon Modern Folk Instrumental blends of Guitars and Cellos, traditional Folk covers and sweeping originals
Abstract Artform Hip-Hop Male vox, Canadian Band, old school rapping, cool beats, hits, FAME GAMES
Aaron Winters Singer-Songwriter Male Vox, guitar driven, rock ballads, melodic and strong lyrics
A Viberatto Soundscapes Vibe driven, melodic soundscapes, very cinematc
76 Degrees West Band Rhythm & Blues Smooth neo soul, jazzy, clearly insprired by 70s funk. Gordon Chambers and Angela Johnson on vocals,
50 Shots Beats Composer A vast array of music for any project.
24fps Power Folk Power folk rock, rising out of Virginia in the vein of Dave Matthews.
Ta Pop Crossover Soulful, piano driven, Canadian Female singer/Songwriter, powerful!
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