Deena began her music career as co-founder of The Cucumbers, a leading band in the 80s indie pop scene in Hoboken, NJ, with reviews in Rolling Stone and People Magazine and videos on MTV.Deena's songwriting has been called "direct and artful," by the New York Times. Her voice has been described as "…incredible: kidstuff and wisdom merged," by the Village Voice. Deena's songs have been recorded by Jackson Browne, Valerie Carter and Jonatha Brooke and featured in many films.Guest musicians include Pat Karwan (1910 Fruitgum Co.), Stone Jack Jones, Jonathan Gregg (pedal steel), Brian Wolfe (My Brightest Diamond) and Tom Cottone (The Churchills). "...a surplus of homespun charm, sharp and witty lyrical skills, or a bounty of memorable melodies.......she’s lost none of her youthful enthusiasm and infectious exuberance of the Cucumbers era, and we’d all still love to be her boyfriend." - Jim DeRogatis, Pop N Stuff Blog, WBEZ “…magnetism that never wavers.” - Tom Franks & Tim Carroll, FolkWords "Pop diamonds" - John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian “Rock River is a winner and should find a place in your head. It’s already found a place in mine. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” - Rob Ross, Popdose "...a splendid listen," Jim McLeans's Rabbit "Dean's List - Highest Achievers.......blending amazingly childlike innocence with time-honed pop smarts" - Lee Valentine Smith, INsite Magazine “Radiant…. sauntering…delicate (songs) feel like sonic expressions of emotional states” - Tris McColl, Star Ledger "....a beam of sunshine on a rainy day" Jim Testa, Jerseybeat “Every song here is a keeper,” - “A giant smile of a voice…” “Unfeigned innocence crossed with warm sensuality” Michael Tatum, A Downloader’s Diary “Delightful… ****” - Jeffrey Sisk, Pittsburgh In Tune A blend of alt country and indie pop, with a wink and a twinkle, “Rock River” (released Spring 2014, Life Force Records) is the second full length CD from Deena. Deena’s compelling, charming vocals will draw you into direct, heartfelt songs that reach into the roots of American music, without nostalgia, mixed with a bit of Jersey style rock and roll party spirit, full of harmony, and pop hooks.

Somewhere In The Blue
Why Do Hearts Grow Cold Favorite License Buy
What The Love Favorite License Buy
You Are The Sweetest Dream Favorite License Buy
Goodbye Dreamer Favorite License Buy
Science Fiction Favorite License Buy
Mr Midnight Favorite License Buy
Rambling Dave Favorite License Buy
Somewhere In Blue Favorite License Buy
Gemini Guy Favorite License Buy
I Wish I Could Be Enough Favorite License Buy
That Moon's Got It Made Favorite License Buy