About us

Launched in 2003, WACBIZ emerged out of the music industry at a time when the future was unclear and volatile. WACBIZ set its sights and goals for these independent artists, writers, and producers and their managers to work cooperatively as a team, with a network of executives at the core, providing the leadership needed to develop a new movement in the music industry through digital independence.


WACBIZ offers expertise at every level, striving to protect the compositions and copyrights artists have worked hard to create, while promoting their music through pitches and placement. We provide administrative services to music supervisors, directors, producers and licensors in film, television and advertising, servicing music requests daily.

Suzanne Hilleary, President&Founder, started her career in management for Tony Bennett and RPM Music Productions, she founded SHMGMT, Inc. in 1998, placing her client Itaal Shur's hit "Smooth" with Santana; 27 million sold, Song of the Year and 9 Grammys in 2000. A string of artists hits followed, today Suzanne music supervises Independent Films and Documentaries as she personally keeps connected to the Artist, Writers, Composers and Musicians that are the creative core of the company. WACBIZ nurtures a constant flow of fresh compositions and new world-class talent, preserving the face of the music business today!

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