Unique was born in Spokane, WA in 1986. At early age he was infatuated with music. He started writing rhymes at the age of about 11 or 12. He got serious and had a chance to start recording in a make shift studio at the age of 14, with on of his close friends now known as JCS. Through the struggles in his life, like poverty, family members with drug problems, being involved in drugs and in trouble with the law, a death of a close friend and family members, he droped out of high school and set out on his own at the age of 17. He met Genesis Veronon, who became a close friend that believed in his talent and help Unique start his first album "Eternal". He later got his GED and did everything he could to pay his rent and other bills that hit him with the responsibilities of life. He worked hard for the next three years and released the album with Insyders Ent in December of 2006 at the age of 20. He shortly after started his own promotion and entertainment company called Mezmorized Muzic and released his second album "Another Day, Another Dollar" in April of 2008 at the age of 21. His first album has sold over 4,000 units locally in the Northwest and that number is still growing with time as well as his second album's sales. He has been on over 10,000 albums sold in the Northwest and other places, including his albums, and other features and compilations. He continues to work on his third album "Sigh of Relief" which is due out in April of 2009. Unique continues his struggle in the music industry and never looses sight of his dream to have his music contribute to a better understanding of society. Though troubles with the law to troubles in friendships and relationships, and sometimes financial troubles he keeps pressing on and continues to write great music that touches people. He also recently started taking business classes at a local community college in Spokane to get a better understanding of how the business aspect works in the music industry, "Knowledge is the key, it keeps your mind fresh with new ideas," says Unique. "We gotta put the Northwest on the map, and I wont stop till we do!" NORTHWEST STAND UP. WACBIZ thanks Fame Games for this Artist.

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