Pucker is based in NYC and boasts that they put the ass in sass! Pucker is a female fronted five piece rock band that has been mistaken for the love child of bands like the Ramones and the GoGo's, or possibly the Sex Pistols and Le Tigre---we're not going to tell you all of our family secrets, though! You decide! Pucker has opened for a myriad of bands and fits in with different genres. Bands they have opened for in the past include Sugar Ray, Twisted Sister, Better than Ezra, Simple Plan and many more. Most recently Pucker had "Hey Hey Hey" placed by SPIN magazine on a Mini Cooper compilation but "Down" was licensed for MTV TRL Award promos and "You Should Love Only Me" and "Hazy" were licensed for the Felicity DVD Box Set. Hard driving guitars and sweet vocals (until you figure out the words) are what make up the foundation for Pucker. This combined with a bass player that rivals Flea in all aspects and a drummer who puts the beat in beat your ass and you have got one hell of a force! A unique but familiar sound! Coming at you 100 mph!

Kiss This
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