After releasing and touring on a resoundingly successful debut record in Europe in 2004, Mint came to the attention of U.S. producer John Morand (Sparklehorse, Cracker, Carbon Leaf) via the ubiquitous yet underground musician’s grapevine. Impressed with Mint’s debut and the rough demos the band sent him, Morand suggested the Belgians trek to the States to record their next album with him. The band, likewise impressed with the American producer’s projects and reputation, were thrilled to make the trip to record at Morand’s Sound of Music studio in Richmond, VA. The resulting record, MAGNETISM, is filled with strong, catchy pop ditties (“Your Shopping Lists Are Poetry,” “Shoot the Darkness”), melodic, driving rock (“Here It Comes Again,” “Everything is Wrong”) and wistfully orchestral sweepers (“Ah You Left Me,” “I’m In Love With the Dark But I’m Trying to Fall In Love With the Light”). Mint was formed in April 1999, when Limbergers (after all, the town in Belgium they are from is called Limberg) Erwin Marcisz (vocals, guitar) and his brother Philippe (bass) teamed up with a local keyboard player named Kim Windmolders. Three young Belgian guys and a prehistoric drum machine morphed to four young Belgian guys when Steve Janssens joined the band to beef up its guitar sound. Drummer Tim Claes was added to the lineup about a year later, and the band set out to accomplish their master plan: To write songs ranging from bittersweet love ballads to loud, vibrating rockers, each song with a certain flair for hitting all the right spots. MAGNETISM was released in Belgium in December 2005 and the first single, “Your Shopping Lists Are Poetry,” has been in high rotation on national station StuBru (Studio Brussels). “Shoot the Darkness” is seeing action on Radio 1 (Belgium’s NPR), and it’s been added, along with “Dead Weight,” to the main Triple A station in the country. Not only did the band pre-sell the first 2000 copies of MAGNETISM, they were actually out of records to sell at their cd release show. One week later, the “Big Box” (Belgium’s version of Best Buy) was sold out of their stock on the record. Press is following suit: look for Mint on the cover of MOD ( The band has been getting offers to play many of the large and prestigious European festivals, and just sold out a big show in Belgium, a mere 3 weeks after MAGNETISM’s release. Mint’s first album, “Echoes From the Engine Room,” came out in 2004 to rave reviews from the press and an absolutely giddy reaction from the Belgian audience. The album’s second single, “Glow (Effervescent),” was a big indie radio hit and a real listeners’ favorite, camping in the Afrekening listeners’ chart’s Top Ten for weeks on end. The summer of 2004 was one big festival for Mint as they toured all through Europe and played in Africa, at big gigs like Marktrock, Dour and Belgium’s biggest alternative festival, Pukkelpop.

Here For A Laugh
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