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The Human Beingz actually began in 1964, when the original members - Mel Pachuta, Gary Coates, Dick Belley and Ting Markulin - all from the Youngstown, Ohio area, ended up in the same group known as "The Premiers." We played mostly late fifties and early sixties music, with a few tunes from the British Rock bands thrown in. From late 1964 through to the spring of 1966, we gained popularity by dropping the fifties and early sixties music and going strictly with the current music of the time. We still had short hair and still called ourselves "The Premiers." A local bowling alley was going to open a night club in their basement and the manager, Jim MacMurray asked us to open the club for him. We agreed to do it but, the manager had a condition or wouldn't use us. He told us our name and look was outdated and if we wanted to get real popular, we needed to change our name and image to fit the music. Dick and I came up with "The Human Beings," and Mel said to put a "z" on the end instead of an "s". We agreed with Mel and changed our name to "The Human Beingz!" We started to let our hair grow and wore wigs until our hair was long enough. The manager of that bowling alley was right! We became the most popular band in our area almost overnight. During this time, Gary Coates, our drummer, was going to be drafted, so he joined the National Guard. He was going to be away for six months, so, we found Mike Tatman to sit in for him until he returned. Gary returned in six months, but we had grown with Mike and it was clicking. We felt bad for Gary, but he wasn't there to grow with us. Gary was a good person... it was never anything personal. That's how bands are. He knew it. We knew it. Now the Human Beingz were Mel Pachuta - Bass guitar & vocals, Dick Belley - Lead guitar & lead vocals, Mike Tatman - Drums, and Ting Markulin - Rhythm guitar & vocals. Many songs are from Hear The Music LLC, Gary Van Voorhis is a drummer, writer, producer, Janet is artisitc director at Hear the Music Foundation

Gary VanVoorhis' The Go
It's My Life Favorite License
Walk Away Renee Favorite License
Just A LIttle Favorite License
Hey Little Girl Favorite License
Come On Up Favorite License
Soul Express Medley Favorite License
Midnight Ride Medley Favorite License
Heart Full Of Soul Favorite License
Black Is Black Favorite License
Time Has Come Today Favorite License
Don't Bring Me Down Favorite License
Green Tambourine/ Paint It Black Medley Favorite License
Nobody But Me Favorite License
Gloria Favorite License
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place Favorite License
Where Have All The Flowers Gone Favorite License
Be My Baby Favorite License
The Letter Medley Favorite License

Human Beinz Music
Nobody But Me Favorite License
Christmas Song Favorite License
McCue Favorite License
Coyottes and Rattlesnakes Favorite License
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Favorite License

Gary VanVoorhis' The Go Human Beinz
City Nights Favorite License
Star Attraction Favorite License
Number One In Denmark Favorite License
No Morning After Favorite License
Can You Hear the Music Favorite License
The World Decides Favorite License
Endless Dreamer Favorite License
Loretta Favorite License
Muriel Favorite License
High Society Favorite License
When Does The World Decide Favorite License
Still Thinking of You Favorite License
Still Thinking of You 2 Favorite License
Dream's Not Over Favorite License