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DB LEONARD DB Leonard is a Singer and Parlor Guitar Player and Writer of Tall Tales. He creates atmospheric, folky narratives embedded with bits of electronica and bites of a full band. He has always been a sucker for the story, and his work has been featured on stage and screen. ‘Moments like these are worth framing, you know the wall on which it would hang…’ He was raised in Boston on heavy doses of Morphine and the Pixies. At Nineteen, he joined the first of several bands, soon ditching them all for a Trio of his own (Upright Bass, Broken Down Drums, 1973 Guild) that played all over the drunken town. After recording the first of what would become many ‘lost’ EPs, the story was to continue in New York City. It started out busking in the subways and evolved onto the stages- a decade at the Living Room, Mercury Lounge, CBGB’s, with a mighty band behind him most nights. A shifting nature of the city prompted an investigation of alternatives. Literally and figuratively, DB Leonard started the uncomfortable process of unplugging himself from the hive. The line became less linear. There was a tour in Amsterdam and then acceptance as Artist in Residence at several artist colonies. He ditched his Vantage Electric for Jezebel, a 1932 Parlor Guitar purchased in a strange twist that would forever change his tone. Like all bewitched guitars of her standing, Jezebel opened up some doors (and burned some others). Things got stripped away. A relationship to the legendary shire of Woodstock, New York struck a note. In the haunted valley, after a decade of recordings, he assembled his full length album, aptly titled The Infinity Sessions. ‘Local light Db Leonard creates a spare, minimalist world of few notes and words but many meanings. The production has a Daniel Lanois-esque dreamy, transparent tone, and Leonard's capable voice has an uncanny ability to sing as if he was singing just to you in a soothing, breathy whisper.’ -David Malachowski, Daily Freeman

Sex and Sorrow Joyous World
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The Roughest Nights Favorite License Buy
Joyous World Favorite License Buy
Blessed Be Favorite License Buy
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The Island EP
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Island Favorite License Buy
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Infinity Sessions
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Sweet Mississippi Favorite License Buy
Cry Favorite License Buy
It's A Law Favorite License Buy
Velvet Favorite License Buy
Talk To Me Favorite License Buy
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Island Favorite License Buy
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