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In 2002 Dave's True Story was approached by the principals in the film "Kissing Jessica Stein" about using two songs ("Crazy Eyes" and "Sequined Mermaid Dress") from the then out-of-print first CD in the film. However, for some strange reason, the major label that released the soundtrack to the film made a corporate decision to leave these songs off the soundtrack CD. This was the impetus for the re-release of Dave's True Story (v.2002), the first Dave's True Story CD, re-mastered with bonus tracks. This second BePop Records release was key to the reactivation and current growth of BePop Records. With the anticipated success of the film, BePop made a deal for U.S. distribution with City Hall Records in San Rafael, Calif. Jeff was also approached by labels and distributors in Asia who were interested in licensing Dave's True Story product. Licenses were made, and BePop's distribution now included most of Asia. Sales of the CD were brisk, driven by the success of the film and constant touring by the band. BePop was alive, and Jeff had the experience, the knowledge and the desire to continue building the label. In 2003, NYC-based crooner Al Somma approached Jeff about producing his debut CD. Jeff and Al discussed putting the CD on BePop. What Jeff and BePop could offer was production expertise in the making of the CD, and a doorway to the Asian markets once the CD was finished. Al Somma's "Songs of Experience, Songs of Innocence" became the third BePop release. In the same way, the gypsy-swing-with-vocals CD "Bistro Blue" by Cynthia M., produced by Jeff in 2004, became the fourth CD in the growing BePop catalogue. Also in 2003 work had began on a new Dave's True Story CD with Jeff producing. "Nature" was finished in August 2004 and the CD was released in April 2005. "Project Remix," which includes tracks from "Nature" and a version of the DTS classic, 'Sex Without Bodies,' remixed and reworked by a group of DJs, turntablists, engineers and scientists was released in October 2005. "Project Remix" is an entirely different and surprising perspective on the jazzy-pop sound of Dave's True Story. In November 2005 BePop Records released "Simple Twist Of Fate: DTS Does Dylan." This CD, also produced by Jeff, is a set of Dylan songs arranged and interpreted by DTS in DTS-style. The band is planning the release of a live-DVD early in 2006. In production now for release in 2006 is the first CD from pop-jazz singer Doriane Elliott, daughter of the famous jazz mellophone-vibraphonist Don Elliott. The BePop Records catalogue also includes CDs by Leif Arntzen ("Channeling Chet") and KJ Denhert ("Girl Like Me"), which BePop licenses to their overseas distributors, Top 2 Music in Singapore, Aurora Music International in Taiwan and Ward Records in Japan. BePop is about to announce a distribution deal for Mainland China with a Hong Kong based company. BePop additionally has export arrangements with Elite Imports in New Zealand, Rockian Trading in Australia, and High End Audio Studio in the Czech Republic.

Hop The Fence
Dogs of Santiago (short version) Favorite License Buy
Indian Rose Favorite License Buy
Travelin' Light Favorite License Buy

Gettin' Free
Gettin' Free Favorite License Buy
This Is Love Favorite License Buy
My Romeo Favorite License Buy
Boys, Boys, Boys Favorite License Buy
Heat Favorite License Buy
La La La Favorite License Buy
Charleston Corner Favorite License Buy
Big Cup Favorite License Buy
Wide Open Favorite License Buy
Cheap Apple Wine Favorite License Buy
I Wanna Live Favorite License Buy
You & Me Now Favorite License Buy
Just Relax Favorite License Buy

Bistro Blue
Padam Padam Favorite License Buy
La Mer Favorite License Buy
Vous Oui Passez Sans Me Voir Favorite License Buy
Nuit Et Jour Favorite License Buy
La Vien En Rose Favorite License Buy
Sous La Ciel De Paris Favorite License Buy
Oue Kest0t-Il De Nos Amours Favorite License Buy
Les Feuville Mortes Favorite License Buy
J'Attendrai-Je Suis Seule Ce Soir Favorite License Buy
C'est Si Bon Favorite License Buy
After You've Gone Favorite License Buy